Tabebuia ipe- Pink Trumpet Tree/

Tabebuia ipe is short for Tabebuia impetiginosa- Pink Trumpet Tree.

There are many varieties of Tabebuia available in the United States. Impetiginosa or Ipe, for short, is our most popular.  Rosea is lighter pink and moving into a completely different look is Tabebuia chrysotricha which is a vibrant yellow with a distinct look.

Do a site search for Tabebuia to see great pics of what we have available.

2 comments to Tabebuia ipe- Pink Trumpet Tree/

  • mark james

    where can i find a ipe pink trumpet tree for mothers day in lakeland florida ?

  • rainbow2


    We do not currently have a local source of Tabebuia impetiginosa the Ipe Pink Trumpet tree for Florida.
    We can contact you if they become available to us there.

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