Sunclipse St Augustine is available and grows well in Southern California.

Note that Sunclipse St Augustine has a different growth habit than the generic St Augustine varieties that are the majority of St Augustine sod varieties sold in California or named varieties such as Palmetto. If Sunclipse is installed exclusively in a single lawn area, this will not be an issue because it does not have to blend.

Also note that since Sunclipse grows slower and is dwarfer than most St Augustine varieties, it is not generally used as a “patching” variety because it will not blend exactly. In most instances if you are patching an existing lawn, the surrounding areas will eventually grow back into the patch and this should not be a long term problem. Of course if you are patching an existing Sunclipse lawn with Sunclipse, this is not an issue.

Another factor to consider is that Sunclipse St Augustine has a slightly lighter shade of green than the average varieties.

Here are the specifications for Sunclipse St Augustine grass-

Download (PDF, 138KB)