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Neighborhood Nursery is a new business idea servicing everyone from the home gardener to the professional landscaper. We offer a full line of professional gardening supplies at exceptional prices. Neighborhood Nursery is a distributor of Plants, Pond Supplies, Irrigation Supplies, Outdoor Lighting Supplies and much more. Just about anything to care for and enjoy the outdoors.

It is important to understand that Neighborhood Nursery runs its internet operations independent of any retail store. With every order, we arrange a pick up time or we ship your items directly to you, eliminating the extra expense necessary to care of items in the retail nursery.

So how do we do offer such great pricing? By pulling plants from the growing yards and landscape material directly from the warehouse and putting them directly into your hands, we save the extra time and labor it takes to handle them in the retail yard.

Many people do not realize how much work it takes to operate a retail nursery. It is one of the highest overhead businesses you can imagine. The care of living plants is 7 days a week, requiring watering, feeding and moving the plants around. Plants can not sit on a shelf waiting to be purchased. They are living, breathing things that need care and attention, and these costs really add up.

While we are searching for our new location, Neighborhood Nursery is working with Present Perfect Nursery in Pasadena.

Note: If you have an order with Neighborhood Nursery and you see something additional in the retail store, nursery prices will be charged for the add on items.

Neighborhood Nursery with
Present Perfect Nursery
140 S Kinneloa Ave
Pasadena, CA 91107

Map to Neighborhood Nursery with Present Perfect Nursery http://goo.gl/maps/4uTD8

About Us

NeighborhoodNursery.com is the online version of our brick and mortar store. This is where your neighborhood is our neighborhood.

Whether you are a professional landscaper or a home gardener in search of unique plants, irrigation and lighting materials, pond supplies or the advice necessary to complete your home and garden project, Neighborhood Nursery is your source.

You will soon be able to browse our searchable, online catalogs to find that “Just Right” plant or the materials to keep that plant just right. Then submit orders to us online for delivery or pick up in our yard. We keep the entire process simple.

For product inquiries, pricing information or suggestions email us at Info@NeighborhoodNursery.com

Neighborhood Nursery is the offspring of Las Tunas Nursery and The Rainbow Gardens, a retail plant nursery and award winning landscape construction company with over 20 years of experience. Started by Frank Tremmel, the companies combined services include retail and wholesale plant sales, landscape and irrigation installation and landscape design. We are also experienced in pond supplies and installation, low voltage lighting, and hardscapes.

Frank began his career in horticulture when he began mowing grass for his parents neighbors. The handles of the lawnmower were still over his head for that first year. Since that time he remained an avid learner and is active in gaining gardening information for plants, easy maintenance techniques and dispelling old gardening myths. Frank is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University college of Agriculture with a degree in Animal Science. Studies included agronomy, plant science, and business management. He is licensed as both a nurseryman and landscape contractor. He holds Certified Landscape Technician (CLT) certificates in Landscape Maintenance and Irrigation, one of the few individuals in the country to hold two certifications. He also is a certified water auditor. Frank is the recipient of the Ben Slade Memorial Award from the California State Contractors Association. This is the highest honor available representing the best maintenance project in California.

While working in Research and Development for the CIBA-Geigy Corporation, now Novartus, Frank led classes for Agricultural Extension offices. Topics included disease and insect control in farm crops and livestock while minimizing impact to the environment. His experience in weed control in agricultural and ornamental crops began in this area. In depth analysis of fertilization programs and water management were, and still are, a vital part of the plant health programs.

Frank has also done several manufacturer testimonials. Companies such as Gravely and Pond Supplies have used his experience using their equipment to show quality and affordability in proper equipment use. Combine his lifetime of experience in maintaining beautiful commercial and residential properties, his education and his construction experience in Southern California, you get a design/builder with creativity, efficiency and attention to detail.

Purpose of this Blog
Our posts here are for the purpose of alerting clients in Southern California, and similar climates, of things we encounter while working in their yards. This includes proper watering, pests we find and their control, timing fertilization and weed control, etc.

Email us for any topics you would like to discuss or any issues we should address.

The Staff of NeighborhoodNursery.com

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