We have St Augustine available as of April 1, 2017
Neighborhood Nursery Sod Pricing for Southern California spring 2017

Southland Sod is known as the highest quality and most popular brand of grass grown in southern California.

The Marathon brand of fescue has been the staple year round lawn since you and I were children.
The Bermuda is drought tolerant and as low maintenance as they come. The best for our drought conditions and self healing from damage from dogs and children.
The St Augustine is top quality. Moderate in water user and self healing.

If you find a lower price on sod, shoot us an email with the price and where it is from. We will try to improve on it.

Cash / Check / Direct Deposit price discount is shown.

Price /sq ft Plus Delivery  Notes Price /5 sq ft piece in the Nursery
Variety 5 sq ft increments
Marathon I $0.61 $4.50
Marathon II $0.62 $4.50
Marathon III Discontinued Discontinued
Marathon Lite $0.77 $4.99
Pureblue Lite $0.77 $4.99
Ryeblue Lite $0.77 $4.99
Tifgreen $0.61 $4.50
St. Augustine from Southland Sod, Carries a Guarantee $1.15 Available $5.99 per 2 1/2 sq.ft.
St. Augustine generic from a Broker, No Guarantee still good quality $1.05 Minimum 1000 sq ft- Limited Quantities $5.99 per 2 1/2 sq.ft.
Dichondra $10.99 /flat
Zoysia El Toro (Turf Type Zoysia)
Zoysia Tenuifolia $5.30 $36.34
Zoysia Tenuifolia-flats $11.86 11.86 requires a 10 flat minimum $16.98 /flat no minimum
Green Wave (Creeping Red Fescue) $0.77 $5.99
Discounts for orders over 8,000 sq. ft. Call for quotes

Sod Delivery Charges

1000 sq. ft. and above FREE delivery.
500-995 sq.ft. delivery $50.00.
200-495 sq.ft. delivery $75.00
200 sq. ft or less, delivery $75.00 by Neighborhood Nursery within 10 miles of our nursery.
Zoysia Tenuifolia quantities of 100 sq. ft. or more, no service charge.
No cancellation after harvesting
Sod must be installed the same day of delivery.
Delivery Date Tue-Sat for Marathon and St Augustine. Seven days available for others.

Nursery Will Call With Delivered Sod Pricing

200 sq ft minimum delivery
Will Call- Self Serve Hand Loading $15.00.

Will Call- We Help to Hand Load

200-495 sq.ft. service charge $25.00
500-995 sq.ft. service charge $35.00

Seed Pricing

Size 1 lb. 5 lb. 25 lb
Marathon $6.50 $26.99 $99.99
Marathon II $7.50 $27.99 $109.99
Marathon III $8.50 $28.99 $139.99


1 lb. 5 lb. 18 lb
Marathon 24-2-4 All Season NA NA $16.99
Marathon 15-15-15 Seed and Sod Starter NA NA $19.99
Marathon 10-1-4 Organic NA NA $25.99
When ordering, please:
Sod is ordered in 5 sq ft increments.
Be prepared to submit the date you would like your sod delivered.
Order by Wednesday Noon for Saturday delivery.
3 days Lead Time will ensure you get your desired Delivery Date
Sod deliveries Tuesday thru Saturday for Marathon and St Augustine and 7 days for others.
San Fernando Valley deliveries AFTERNOONS Monday thru Friday
Please provide a direct telephone number (cell phone is best) to prevent delivery problems.
Order Sod only if your yard is fully prepared for installation.

To Order Contact Info@NeighborhoodNursery.com or call 626-872-4537